A sad aspect of getting older is watching your rock heroes age badly. With Bowie you never get that.


i pride myself on being able to read nc-17 pornography with a completely straight face in the middle of a crowded room, but you give me one cute line and my face starts spasming, not even SMILING, but like a tiny man is standing inside my mouth punching my cheeks with his tiny man hands. 

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  • Things I do not need: More books.
  • Things I will keep buying: More books.

spoilers for snow white and the huntsman


the huntsman is actually the fairest of them all

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you can’t buy happiness 

but you can by bbc sherlock on box set and forget happiness ever existed 

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Sometimes I feel like the British film industry is one big square dance.


“Swing your ensemble cast round and round for a film or a season of television! Now, SWITCH PARTNERS! And make sure everyone gets to dance with Harry Potter and The Doctor at least once!” 

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